8 Channel Volumetric Mouse Array

8 Channel Volumetric Mouse Array


Most MRI studies start with an overview image. After this, a particular region is covered in detail. These two tasks are typically achieved with two separate coils.

  • The RAPID Biomedical 8 channel volumetric mouse array migrates both tasks into one coil.
  • It covers a FOV of 8 cm length.
  • For high SNR details you can choose only the coil elements next to your ROI.
  • The animal is positioned only once and after that no further repositioning is needed.
  • The array supports parallel imaging methods such as SENSE or GRAPPA.
  • It can be operated on multi-channel MR systems.
  • The coil is delivered with animal support with integrated anaesthesia mask and bite bar.


required equipment:  

8 channel receiver system – actively decoupled volume transmit coil


volumetric coil array for 1H imaging of small animals


8 channel array 2×4 coil elements on inner tube receive-only actively decoupled integrated preamplifiers

B0 field strength:  3 T - 9.4 T

inner/outer diameter 35 mm/119 mm – coil length 80 mm


D. Kokorin, M. Haas, M. Zaitsev: Multi-Slice Parallel Excitation Reduced FOV Imaging for Rodent EPI Applications.
ISMRM Stockholm, ePoster #4916 (2010)
with RAPID Biomedical 8-channel mouse array # P-H08L-094-00830-001


8 ch Volumetric Mouse Array
Mouse Whole Body Coronal Image


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