Rat Heart Phased Arrays


For experiments on the rat heart, RAPID Biomedical has developed a dedicated rat heart coil.

  • 4-channel* and 2-channel version available
  • increased sensitivity, even from the deeper regions of the tissue, e.g. from the back wall of the myocardium
  • built into an anatomically shaped housing
  • mechanically adapted to RAPID rat holder LHRXGS-00563
  • compatible with both dedicated animal or whole body scanners to allow pharmacological studies on contrast agents at a field strength of clinical relevance

* 4 channels recommended for parallel imaging techniques, only



surface coil for 1H rat heart imaging


receive only, actively decoupled
available as two or four channel array
fixed tuned

optimized for rat hearts

coil can be adapted to whole body scanners

B0 field strength:  1.5 T to 12 T

coil and animal holder fit into volume transmit coils with an inner diameter of 72 mm or more

required equipment:  

pin diode driver actively decoupled volume transmit coil


Quadrature Mouse Volume Coils
rat heart images at 9.4 T Image Courtesy: Anthony Price, University College London, U.K.


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